Why Our Tubs

Advantages Of Our Spas Over Full Cedar Tubs

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Clearer Water

Our Cedar Spas have clearer water from first fill. Full cedar tubs have the problem of brown coloured water (from the cedar tannins) for years to come.

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Better Insulation

Our Cedar Spas have 100mm thick polyester insulation packed into the spa wall. Full cedar tubs have the problem of no insulation in the tub wall/floor so more heat loss/higher running costs.

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Unique Cedar Rim

Our Cedar Spas have the unique look of the nice looking (and useful) cedar 'capping' around the top edge of the tub. Acts as a 360 degree shelf and makes getting in/out of spa easier/more comfortable (you can sit on the top edge). Full cedar tubs have a 'sharp' top edge of the tub which makes them not so comfortable with no shelf.

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Leak Proof

Our Cedar Spas utilizes a leak proof polyethylene moulded shell. Full cedar tubs rely on the cedar wall planks to swell up and hold the water but wood twists and warps over time resulting in possible leaking problems.

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Easier To Clean/More Hygenic

Our Cedar Spas are easier to clean/more hygienic than the raw cedar wood used on full cedar tubs which tend to be less hygienic.

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Cheaper Running Costs

Our Cedar Spas have cheaper running costs due to the wall insulation we use. Full cedar tubs are much more expensive ($5-$6 a day) due to their lack of wall/floor insulation.

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Natural Water Treatment

Our Cedar Spas have the option of a choice of 3 natural water treatment options. Safe for your body and safe to recycle the old spa water onto your lawn or garden. Full cedar tubs quite often only offer chemical water treatment which is not so pleasant.

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Longer Life Span

Our Cedar Spas have a longer life span due to the polyethylene moulded shell. Full cedar tubs will eventually rot and break down over time.


Plug 'N' Play

Our Cedar Spas are plug 'n' play. Simply plug in, fill with water and turn on! No plumbing or connecting of pipes. Full cedar tubs usually involve some plumbing or fitting of cedar pump surrounds etc..


Low Maintenance

Our Cedar Spas are easy to maintain. The filter cartridge is high up and easily accessible with no valves to turn on/off and no air 'bleeding' necessary. Draining the water is easy by connecting to your garden hose. Natural, easy water treatment options available. Reliable and easy to use pump system with the option of wi-fi control.



Our Cedar Spas have the pump system enclosed fully under the seats within the spa wall which includes easy to access door panels for servicing (if need be). Means not only better insulated but also makes our spas very quiet. Full cedar tubs have the pump system located outside of the tub wall so less insulated and more noisy.

Key Features


All-in-One Control Box

Enlarged screen plus slightly tilted angle makes it easier for users to observe outward while sitting in the spa to enhance the user experience.
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Variable Bubbles

Customize the bubble experience through the adjustable 3 levels of intensity for a balanced, all-encompassing body massage.
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O3 Ozonator

The built-in O3 OZONE GENERATOR kills bacteria as well as Giardia, Cryptosporidium, parasites, fungi, molds and other virus and microbes.
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Anti-Icing System

To preventing the water from freezing, the heater runs automatically keeping the temp between 1°C -3°C, saving the circulation system, pump and pipe.
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Smart Filtration

The filtration system will be automatically turned on for 60mins after every 4 hours and the controller is equipped with a filter changing reminder.
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Heat Technology

PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) technology provides a warm and comfortable spa experience, also ensuring a quick heat-up function.
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Wifi App Controlled

The new Mspa link APP allows you to enjoy full control of your Mspa any time, anywhere. Designed with an intuitive UI for easy operation, receive tips, notices, and alarm messages.

Energy Saving Timer

Featuring the newly designed integrated chip, the wired controller allows user to set time to turn on the heating function 1-99 hours in advance.

Child Safety Lock

This allows parents to lock the spa when their children may access. In child safety mode, the controller is locked and all buttons will not work.

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