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Nature 2 Mineral Stick

Designed for spa pool's and hot tubs, Nature 2 mineral ‘stick’ purifies by automatically dispensing silver and zinc ions into your spa, maintaining water quality whilst reducing chlorine and other sanitary requirements. Nature 2 uses mineral technology to effectively kill and maintain bacteria levels safely and effortlessly.

Nature 2 works alongside your filter to provide you with cleaner and clearer water without high levels of chlorine.

Simply place the Nature2 ‘stick’ inside the filter cartridge.

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Silver Cove (Colloidal Silver)

Replace harsh toxic chemicals with the health and skin-enhancing virtues of Colloidal Silver.

Silver Cove's colloidal formula:

  • Environmentally safe and natural, eliminating the need for Chlorine and Bromine.
  • Based on a unique formula of colloidal minerals and oxygen to deal with all pathogens and algae.
  • Colloidal Silver is widely acknowledged for its therapeutic effect on many skin problems - enhancing and normalising, rather than irritating, the condition of your skin (and respiratory membranes).
  • Odourless and tasteless.
  • Saves money and energy as it does not require continual pump usage to keep water circulating.
  • Easy, low maintenance usage. No need to test water or balance pH.

Lets you luxuriate with peace of mind in a pool that serves the purpose you originally intended - relaxation, health and well-being

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Simple Silver Non-toxic Spa Pool Treatment

  • Chemical free spa water treatment. No other water treatments required
  • 12 months hassle free and maintenance free
  • No harmful chemicals. Easy to use. Safe and gentle on skin, hair, eyes and nose
  • Just set and forget... keeps your water clear for a year!
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