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Tub Models

Model A

(Internal Polyethylene)
Stainless Steel Hot Tub

From $9,950

Model B

(Internal Cedar)
Stainless Steel Hot Tub

From $13,950

Model C

(Internal Stainless)
Stainless Steel Hot Tub

From $13,950

Tub Sizes

Small (2-4 Person)

(1500mm Diameter)

FROM $9,950.00

Medium (4-6 Person)

(1800mm Diameter)

FROM $10,950.00

Large (6-8 Person)

(2000mm Diameter)

FROM $11,950.00

Tub Features

Pump System

Pump is located under the seats within the external cedar wall so no external cedar pump box is required which means...

  • No installation or assembly required - plug 'n' play
  • Better noise insulation - super quiet
  • Better heat insulation - cheaper running costs
  • No ugly looking pump box beside the tub
  • No added cost for an expensive cedar pump box
  • Smaller tub 'footprint' 
  • No access for rodents to chew on hoses or wiring
  • Better weather protection from rain on electrics
  • Easy to remove cedar panels - easy servicing (if need be)


  • Filter access is located on the outside of the tub wall at chest height which means better access to the filter cartridge so much easier filter maintenance
  • No turning off/on valves or air-bleeding
  • The recommended chemical/chlorine free mineral stick water treatment product can be easily placed inside the filter cartridge giving a more natural and pleasant spa experience.

Electric Heating

Choose from two heating options:

  • 10A / 1.5 kW Heater: This option utilizes a standard household plug, making it easy to power your hot tub.

  • 15A / 3 kW Heater: With a wider earth pin 15A plug, this heater provides increased heating power for quicker heating.
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Optional Extras


Cedar StepS

silver cover pool sanitiser

Silver Cove


Massaging Bubble Jets / Upgraded Pump

Paradise Hot Tubs - SV Link Feature

SmartLink Wi-Fi


Underwater LED Light

Pricing & Info

Natural Water Treatment

Nature 2 Mineral Stick

Designed for spa pool's and hot tubs, Nature 2 mineral ‘stick’ purifies by automatically dispensing silver and zinc ions into your spa, maintaining water quality whilst reducing chlorine and other sanitary requirements. Nature 2 uses mineral technology to effectively kill and maintain bacteria levels safely and effortlessly.

Nature 2 works alongside your filter to provide you with cleaner and clearer water without high levels of chlorine.

Simply place the Nature2 ‘stick’ inside the filter cartridge.

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Silver Cove (Colloidal Silver)

Replace harsh toxic chemicals with the health and skin-enhancing virtues of Colloidal Silver.

Silver Cove's colloidal formula:

  • Environmentally safe and natural, eliminating the need for Chlorine and Bromine.
  • Based on a unique formula of colloidal minerals and oxygen to deal with all pathogens and algae.
  • Colloidal Silver is widely acknowledged for its therapeutic effect on many skin problems - enhancing and normalising, rather than irritating, the condition of your skin (and respiratory membranes).
  • Odourless and tasteless.
  • Saves money and energy as it does not require continual pump usage to keep water circulating.
  • Easy, low maintenance usage. No need to test water or balance pH.

Lets you luxuriate with peace of mind in a pool that serves the purpose you originally intended - relaxation, health and well-being

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Simple Silver Non-toxic Spa Pool Treatment

  • Chemical free spa water treatment. No other water treatments required
  • 12 months hassle free and maintenance free
  • No harmful chemicals. Easy to use. Safe and gentle on skin, hair, eyes and nose
  • Just set and forget... keeps your water clear for a year!
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Our Package Includes

Paradise Hot Tubs - Made In New Zealand
  • NZ MADE premium Canadian cedar spa.
  • A tough & durable 10mm thick black POLYETHELENE MOULDED SHELL.
  • CEDAR TOP RIM. Handy drinks ‘shelf’.
  • Polyethylene seats
  • Spa coated with MARINE TEAK OIL.
  • FULLY INSULATED for cheaper running costs.
  • EFFICIENT, QUIET PUMP SYSTEM. Touch-pad with built in timer.
  • Compliant, lockable, insulated, NZ made CHARCOAL COLOURED COVER.
  • PLUG 'N' PLAY. No plumbing or assembly required.
  • OPTIONAL EXTRAS – cedar seats, jets, light, steps, chlorine free water treatment etc…
Paradise Hot Tubs - Handcrafted

Tub Gallery

Tub Gallery

"I bought a Cedar Hot Tub and I'm loving it"

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Advantages of Paradise Tubs

Our 'Paradise Hot Tubs'

  1. Thick wall thickness (105mm)
  2. Polyester insulation packed into wall cavity
  3. Polystyrene insulation layer under tub base
  4. Our energy efficient spas have much cheaper running costs (around $1-$2 a day - depending on climate variables)
  5. Crystal clear water from first fill. No staining
    (Our Model A & C tubs with poly-sealed cedar seats)
  6. More hygienic because of the smooth surfaces of the 6mm polyethylene moulded shell & poly-sealed cedar seats. (Model A & C Tubs)
  7. Easier to clean because of the smooth surfaces of the 6mm polyethylene moulded shell & poly-sealed cedar seats. (Model A & C Tubs)
  8. No leaking problems. We don't rely on the cedar staves to swell up and seal up because we utilize a watertight 6mm polyethylene moulded shell
  9. 360 curved cedar pieces around top rim of tub creating an ideal 'shelf' for glasses etc...
  10. Ozonator included for easier and more effective water treatment
  11. Wi-Fi and chemical/chlorine free water treatment option

Other Cedar Hot Tubs

  1. Thin wall thickness (39mm-45mm)
  2. No wall insulation
  3. No floor insulation
  4. Much dearer running costs
  5. Dark, brown coloured water for 1+ years (from cedar tannins) Off-putting & can stain deck area, towels, bed sheets etc...
  6. Less hygienic because of the rough surfaces of the raw exposed cedar which can trap contaminants
  7. Harder to clean because of the rough surfaces of the raw exposed cedar which can trap contaminants
  8. Possible leaking problems. These tubs generally rely on the swelling and sealing up the cedar staves to make watertight.
  9. No shelf. Added optional extra
  10. No Ozonator
  11. No Wi-Fi option and use of harsh chlorine/chemicals

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